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Global Forestry Services (GFS) is a company that functions to support market-oriented solutions to improving forest management and the sustainability of forest-based industries. GFS is dedicated to support efforts to curb Climate Change through programs that generate carbon credits from Carbon Sequestration and Avoided Deforestation. GFS has established new investment services to develop and market projects on forest restoration and plantation development as a low risk and environmentally friendly Green Investment.   GFS mission is to provide technical support in forestry organization to meet international certification standards as well as management services for forest rehabilitation and investment.

GFS provides Legality Verification & Wood Tracking as a due diligence system to assist in the demonstration that timber and wood products are documented as Low Risk to comply with International Regulatory requirements such as EU Timber Regulations; Lacey Act; Australia Illegal Logging Act; Japan Goho Wood, etc.

Global Forestry Services over the past several years has conducted projects that demonstrate our professional capabilities to support the Forest Industry from the forest through processing and trade of finished products.

Current Projects:

Title : Forest & Timber Industry Master Plan for Sabah, Malaysia.
Dates : October 2019 – July 2020
Status : Current Project
Client : (DIDR) Department of Industrial Development & Research
Description : Development of a Master Plan Sabah for the Forest and Wood Processing industries to guide the timber industry from upstream forest management; plantation systems to support local supplies; through manufacturing of primary and secondary wood products; import of raw material. trade of timber products locally or for export. The objective is to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for the forest producers and downstream timber industry in respect to current and future resources of natural and planted forests; the current status of the manufacturing industry and capacities; availability of quality raw material; diversification of product ranges; market requirements and values for both local and export sales. The Timber Industry Master Plan is designed to provide direction to the State Government to address the needs of the forest producers and downstream industry for long term sustainability in relation to the Sabah Forest Policy 2018.


Title : Independent Monitoring of RIL & Sabah Timber Legality Standard Principles 1-6
Dates : January 2015 – Present
Status : Current Project
Client : Sabah Forestry Department, Sabah, Malaysia.
Description : GFS conducts independent monitoring for Reduced Impact Logging & Legal Compliance to the Sabah Timber Legality Standard P1-6 for ALL forests, manufacturing, trade and export companies in Sabah.
GFS conducts monthly field assessment for verification of compliance of forest management & operations to the Sabah TLAS Legal Standard (Principles 1-4) as well as for Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) for current harvesting operations.
Monitoring Legal Compliance also includes verification of ALL manufacturing, trade & export companies for Sabah TLAS Principles 5-6.


Title : Legal Verification Services
Dates : September 2014 – Continual
Status : Current Project
Client : Samling Group of Companies – FTL No. T/0404, FTL No. T/0405, FTL No. T/3670
Description : GFS provided independent annual monitoring of legal compliance by Samling forestry concessions in Sarawak Malaysia against the Sarawak Legality Standard (STLVS Principles 1-4).


Title : Legal Verification Services
Dates : June 2013 – Continual
Status : Current Project
Client : Ta Ann Group of Companies – FTL No. T/3135, LPF No. LPF/0010
Description : GFS provides independent annual verification of legal compliance by Ta Ann forestry concessions in Sarawak Malaysia against the Sarawak Timber Legality Verification System (STLVS).


Title : Legal Verification Services
Dates : October 2015 – Continual
Status : Current Projects
Client : Shin Yang Group of Companies – FTL No. T/3228, FTL No. T/3342
Description : The scope of this project is to provide independent verification of legal compliance by Shin Yang forestry concession in Sarawak Malaysia against the Sarawak Legality Standard (STLVS Principles 1-4).


Title : Wood Tracking Program
Dates : Continual
Status : Current Projects – Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines & China
Client : Private wood processing and timber trading companies (100+ companies)
Description : GFS provides evaluation and monitoring of manufacturers and traders under the Wood Tracking Program (WTP) based on a formal Chain of Custody (COC) systems (Standard GFS-WI-006-WTP.3 or local standard) to track the material used in wood products are verified legal and traceable back to the forest or plantation.

Participating companies must have a formal risk assessment of all suppliers to evaluate legal origin of raw material. All suppliers that are NOT considered low risk must be verified legal based on field visits to the site to document compliance to legal requirements (GFS-WI-006-LVS-1 or local standard). Companies under a GFS Wood Tracking Program are 2 times annually (or as deemed necessary) to verify continual compliance to the COC system.

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