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Jun 07

Article 1
Global Forestry Services has finally revised its website to provide up to date information on revisions to GFS programs and services. GFS has now established Forestry Investment Services that centers on development of secure long term investments in forest restoration. GFS has a new project developing in Sabah Malaysia (FMU 17A) in conjunction with the Sabah Forestry Department for restoring 12,000 ha of a severely degraded forest with fast growing local species that should yield well over 15% Annual Return on Investment. Investment in restoration is not volatile as in capital and equity markets as the basis of the investment is the value of fast growing trees that continually increases with growth! Growth of pioneer trees in the tropical rain forest is continual throughout the year not like in temperate or boreal forests that have distinct seasons of growth. Growth rates of pioneer species is quick and can easily reach 20-25 m3/ha/year. This project takes a conservative estimate based on real growth data of 16m3/ha/year based on a harvest cycle of 15 years the anticipated yield is 235 m3/ha which is realistic. Timber values are increasing as forests are continually being depleted by conversion to agriculture or other uses and through poor conventional logging practices. It is only common knowledge that timber values will continue to grow as supply becomes more scarce. Please contact GFS to find out more….

Article 2
The FLEGT Timber Legality Assurance System being implemented by GFS in Sabah Malaysia has just expanded to an additional 7 licensed forest management units (FMUs) in 2011 making it a total of 23 active licensed units under verification. The TLAS for Sabah conducts 2 verification assessments per year for each management unit under the program. TLAS standard was based on the requirements listed within the Sustainable Forest Management license Agreements and developed through extensive stakeholder consultation that included 4 workshops. The last workshop was held in May 2011 where the results of the TLAS shown to be very positive with most all units showing significant improvement in compliance and 13 of the 16 units receiving over 90% compliance to the TLAS requirements.

Article 3
The GFS Wood Tracking Program is being revised for submission to timber trade federations in UK and Europe for confirmation as due diligence for FLEGT until signing of the VPA between Malaysia and EU. AS GFS provides field verification of most all the active forest license areas in Sabah Malaysia, participants in the GFS Wood Tracking Program can benefit from using the material within their Chain of Custody system to market timber products as Verified Legal Compliant. Contact us to find out more.

Article 4
GFS is participating in the tendered bid for supporting the VPA in Malaysia to be funded by EU starting in 2012. GFS has extensive experience in the development of the Timber Legality Assurance System currently being used in Sabah and has joined in the bid as part of a European Consortium to continue to support the development of the TLAS for all of Malaysia.

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