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Group Mission

Global Forestry Services – GFS is dedicated to support efforts to mitigate Climate Change through programs that provide technical assistance to improve tropical forest management; capture carbon; preserve carbon stock and avoid deforestation (REDD+). GFS provides systems for companies and individuals to become Carbon Neutral for their activities and for manufacturing and trading of wood based products.

GFS provides solutions for companies to demonstrate that products are responsibly sourced and traceable back to Verified Legal (VL) forests or plantations to meet international Due Diligence requirements for timber products. GFS will work towards its mission through the development of a network of associated companies and professionals providing formalized programs in Forest Management, Forest Carbon, Legal Verification / Wood Tracking Systems and investments in forests and plantations. GFS is committed to provide the highest professional service in the most cost-effective manner though its network* of professionals as well as through smart partnerships with existing companies.