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Group Policy

GFS is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and technical support through our existing programs and services. GFS shall make efforts to continually improve our programs and services to meet our clients’ needs throughout the forest and timber industries.

GFS strives to develop systems for sustainable management of forest resources and plantations, including Economic viability, Environmental protection and Social benefits within management systems.

GFS will strive to support environmental services of forests that include biodiversity, wildlife habitat, carbon capture & preservation while ensuring social benefits to local communities and forest workers.

GFS will endeavor to support wood processing industries to improve management and Chain of Custody systems to form credible due diligence systems for legal verification and tracking of wood based products that meet international regulatory and certification requirements as appropriate.

GFS will operate in accordance with legal regulatory requirements and best practices in all our services to ensure transparency, credibility and professionalism for our clients.