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Group History

Global Forestry Services (GFS) was established by Dr Kevin T Grace in 2004 to provide defined programs and services that support the forest and timber industries in respect to best management practices, sustainability of forest resources and investment in restoration of degraded forests, supply chain systems and technical training. GFS has established a group of companies directly managed by Dr Kevin Grace to provide various programs and services over defined regions. GFS staff and associates have years of forestry experience and act as experts and lead assessors under the FSC, PEFC and Legality systems for Forest Management or Chain of Custody. With over 500 CoC’s and 200 Forest Management Units carried out by staff members throughout the Asian region there is a depth of knowledge and understanding of the issues that has been brought together to service the needs of our clients. Beyond the direct staff, GFS also works in close association with a number of forestry specialist companies to support implementation of GFS services globally. GFS has been building partnerships based on our extensive knowledge and exposure in the forest sector within Asia and beyond to support projects on a global scale.

GFS has conducted numerous projects with international organisations as well as private companies and Government Agencies that are listed on the GFS Website (Project List). GFS has increasingly been developing and operating Legal Verification Services and Wood Tracking Systems to document compliance for Due Diligence that facilitate companies to meet international trade regulations.
GFS with our partners, have developed IT systems to provide Digital Transformation of forest and timber industries integrated with Legality Verification and Chain of Custody systems that result in efficient and transparent Due Diligence Systems (Ghana Wood Tracking System). The Digital Transformation replaces inefficient paper-based systems that include permits and data collection from forest management, timber harvesting, log scaling & tracking, transport to mills, mill receiving through allocation and production of finished wood products for sale and export.

GFS is currently developing investment opportunities in SE Asia in respect to restoration of degraded tropical forests as a low risk Green Investment targeting 8% annual return on investment through intensive management of fast-growing local species in severely degraded areas that are integrated with long term sustainable forest management systems.