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Training and Support Services

GFS provides intensive training for understanding requirements and development of Chain of Custody systems for meeting PEFC & FSC requirements.

GFS staff includes a number of lead assessors for Chain of Custody under the FSC & PEFC systems that understand how to amend various manufacturing and trading systems to fulfill the requirements for certification.  GFS staff has provided training for over 100 companies to meet Certification requirements.

Objectives and Methods


  • Provide intensive training and support in the establishment of Chain of Custody systems based on meeting the requirements of FSC and PEFC certification.
  • Provide assistance to companies to develop a policy on responsible purchasing policies and management of supply chains.
  • Support for manufacturers that include training for selected key suppliers as a strategy to complete the Chain of Custody system.
  • Provide training on supplier evaluation and risk assessment for purchasing raw material and wood products in respect of meeting controlled wood requirements under the FSC system.


GFS has a formal training system that includes evaluation of the current system and defining the gaps to meet certification requirements. GFS then conducts training on understanding the requirements for CoC certification. We provide intensive training on development of formal procedures for all key activities of the company’s Chain of Custody system. GFS also support development of internal auditing system for the CoC program.

GFS provides follow up evaluation of implementation prior to certification. GFS issues a summary training report and evaluation of system implementation in respect to meet certification requirements.