Group History

Established in 2004, GFS has been established by Dr. Kevin T. Grace, Managing Director for GFS Group of Companies and one of the most experienced teams of forest and timber industry auditors in SE Asia. The core staff within GFS comprises with over 8 years of forest auditing experience as lead auditors under the FSC System for FMUs or Chain of Custody. With over 100 CoC’s and 20 FMUs carried out by staff members throughout the Asian region, there is a depth of knowledge and understanding of the issues that have been brought together to service the needs of all clients. Beyond the direct staff, GFS also works in close association with a number of other companies to support the implementation of GFS programs worldwide.

GFS has recently launched the Carbon Credit Support Program (CCSP) that is expected to become a key factor in GFS services to support the rehabilitation of degraded tropical forests and combat global warming.  GFS is an extremely innovative company that is expanding its services to support the generation of carbon credits from forest management to support companies and individuals to become Carbon Neutral.  GFS will also spearhead the system to quantify & verify carbon storage in wood-based products as an integral part of the Carbon Credit Support Program & the Wood Tracking Program.

In response to our clients’ needs and due to our extensive knowledge and exposure to the forest sector within Asia and beyond, GFS has been building partnerships in a number of different ways. As there has been increasing calls for environmental and social responsibility by responsible suppliers and purchasers, GFS has become increasingly involved in strengthening the partnerships between trading companies, forestry managers and investors. The result is that GFS is currently developing investment opportunities in Sabah, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Japan.

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